About Me & Oats

Oatmeal gets a bad reputation - when people think of oatmeal, they’re probably thinking of a plain bowl of mush with a weird texture, and no toppings. In this community, we’re not about that. We’re abOAT making creative, delicious recipes with accessible ingredients to make a wholesome and nutritious meal that you can genuinely like eating. There is also so much variety in oatmeal! You can make oats sweet, savory, flavored, unflavored, baked, microwaved, etc. Oats are one of the strongest whole grains on Earth, and I really hope you can find a recipe here that you really enjoy!

To me, oatmeal represents a lot more than just a boring breakfast food. I was first introduced to oats. I was really struggling with my relationship with food, and was extremely under-fueling as well. I knew I needed to change - I couldn’t keep putting my body through a cycle of under eating and over-exercising, because it was beginning to take an irreparable toll on both my physical and mental health. When I finally decided to change my eating habits, I began to look for food that could fuel my body and my mind, and give me energy for my sports. That was when my love for oatmeal began. It was a great source of carbohydrates (which is crucial for the body), and it was something that I also enjoyed eating as well. I began to customize my oats, and get more creative with toppings and add-ins as my relationship with food began to heal. In a sense, oatmeal was the push I needed to help introduce variety, new foods, and fun foods into my diet after my eating disorder! From then on, I began to experiment with oatmeal, and began to share my love for the so-called boring dish on my Instagram and TikTok. To be honest, the rest is history.

There are so many ways to enjoy oatmeal - you can bake it, microwave it, boil it, and you can even turn dry oats into oat flour to make baked goods (crazy, I know. Oatmeal can be anything at this point). I also included a Q&A portion on this website where I discuss commonly asked questions when making oatmeal, and I include recipe substitutions as well. I have spent a lot of time and dedication (and dry oats) into curating these recipes and information, and I hope y'all enjoy the recipes that are included in here! Make sure to tag me in your remakes on Instagram stories or TikTok! I honestly love interacting with all of you because you guys are the GOAT 😎